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Gerência Técnica:
Professor Alberto Vasconcelos
Tel: (71) 9113-8199
E-mail: ramosvasconcelos

Gerência Administrativa:
Liane Vasconcelos
Tel: (71) 9137-2401
E-mail: lianevasconce


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A.L. Vasconcelos Services - Training and Consulting

A.L. Vasconcelos Services is a company headquartered in Salvador, Bahia, which has been operating in workforce training for over 15 years, carrying out theoretical and practical training in occupational safety and health area.

Currently, we provide consulting services in Bahia and in several states of northern, northeastern and southeastern Brazil, as well as abroad. Our consulting services apply to technical, operational, maintenance and behavioral areas of mining, industry and construction segments.

We qualify skilled labor force with full compliance to the specifications of position, meeting the requirements demanded by the Brazilian legislation, with security and seriousness, ensuring client satisfaction and promoting increase in value of human resources of each company. However, our bigger purpose is to save lives, providing employees´ mental and physical integrity.

Our work aims at the preservation and the proper use of equipment and installations, developing the aptitude for work and excellence in productivity, thus increasing company´s value and profitability on the market.

We have been providing training and consulting services to VALE Company for 15 years, with no record of fatal accidents of the trained staff. We provide services to VALE mining company, being registered on Quadrem Portal.


- Work at Height;
- Defensive Driving;
- Mobile Equipment;
- Blocking and Signaling;
- Cargo Handling;
- Confined Space;
- Protection of Machines;
- Stabilization of Slopes;
- Detonation of Explosives;
- Use of Chemicals;
- First Aid (Basic, Advanced and Rescue);
- Work in Electricity. (NR 10 Basic and EPS):
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We offer Consulting services in the occupational safety and health area. A.L. Vasconcelos Consultancy is characterized by the systematic survey of real business needs, followed by the identification of customized solutions with the proposal for appropriate measures.
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The lectures offered by A.L. Vasconcelos Serviços LTDA enable employees to take note of the rules and safety procedures, giving them instructions on safety at work, health promotion, quality of life and environment.
Our Lectures:
- Preventive Driving;
- Traffic Laws and Human Relations in Traffic;
- Emergency Services (First Aid);
- Health Promotion;
- Firefighting.
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