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Gerência Técnica:
Professor Alberto Vasconcelos
Tel: (71) 9113-8199
E-mail: ramosvasconcelos

Gerência Administrativa:
Liane Vasconcelos
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A.L. Vasconcelos Serviços - the Company

A.L. VASCONCELOS SERVIÇOS LTDA is a company specialized in training, courses, lectures and consulting services, consolidated in the market due to its competence and relevance of the services provided during its 15 years of existence.

The company is the idealization of an educational project, being designed to operate as a knowledge multiplying agent that fosters the training and refresher training of professionals from mining, construction and industry companies - in their various areas - through continuous and forward looking education.

In the beginning, we served a specific public in the Preventive or Defensive Driving area. Later, we began preparing and giving courses in other Occupational Safety and Health areas, having trained, recycled and inserted professionals in the labor market, in partnership with big companies, in various areas related to Occupational Safety and Health.

Currently, A.L. VASCONCELOS SERVIÇOS LTDA has a team of Occupational Safety Engineers, Occupational Health Nurses and Occupational Safety Technicians that conduct training and lectures, meeting the most stringent contract guidelines. Our Coordination and Education team consists of experts that are reference in their respective areas.

As the result of the partnerships between A.L. VASCONCELOS SERVIÇOS LTDA and big companies for the promotion of training and consultancy in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, more than 30,000 Brazilian professionals obtained accreditations. These accreditations are not mere documents, but they are a symbol of the knowledge acquired by people dedicated to make Brazil a safer place to work and live. Professionals certified by the courses offered under the aegis of the A.L. VASCONCELOS SERVIÇOS LTDA work in planning and prevention, as well as in more complex tasks of saving lives and assets.

Our Mission:

To train skilled labor force to operate within Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Protection requirements, ensuring client satisfaction, promoting the best use of human resources in each company with ongoing professional and personal development.
The ultimate purpose is SAVING LIVES by preventing and reducing accidents and near misses, providing the integrity of its employees and assets.

Our Vision:

Operate as a facilitator company between the specialized Brazilian education centers and the international institutions of knowledge production, as well as in training and qualification of workers, aiming at increasing the occupational safety and health in a society that develops and engages in risky activities.

Our Values:

Solidarity, freedom, responsibility, respect and fairness represent important values for A.L. VASCONCELOS. We believe that these values can only be understood and achieved through learning. By the professional qualification, the employee develops respect for self, for the others, for the company and for the environment.

We emphasize qualities such as interaction, participation, autonomy, independence, friendship, understanding, companionship and loyalty. These universal qualities join balance, harmony, equity and equality, solidarity, understanding, generosity and cooperation.

All this contributes to a joint action, so that people appreciate themselves and, by seeing themselves, they can see the others, the collectivity.